Sunday, March 6, 2016


sometimes that tearing seemed rigid &
the cheek-up turns settled in unison,
but the weariness hung.

but then come the eye crinkles,
the ones that mean
nothing else matters &
maybe you'll be free.

& the lightest is when they somehow
find that they could
join to make it more

Friday, January 29, 2016

the binarie(s)

the white and black in me says that i have to believe in dualities
with the harrowing black & the joyful 
but that leaves me to 
fall into the blindness of 
& the blindest of 

wouldn’t it make be brighter to live in the fluid?
& recognize the waves & flows & winds & bends mean real
harsh could be softer & joyful less cloudy & maybe we could be less easy to

the spins of my days where decks take water 
the whirl of days where lifeboats sink...
those led me to think that i’d be safer 
should i just live in the 

instead of being hated or loved
instead of depressed or manic
instead of powerless or unstoppable i
would first just 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


i find myself in the devil float
where i want him to ask me to

when my feet fly &
the earth leaves sky,
i tell myself i'm exploring more

but the last notes leave my
feet weary
& that pulse of mine

can the devil say who i want to be?

my me says that i'm too bright for his fire
& that my feet should never
match his.

when his flame ashes my breath
& the floor is still,
our dances always haunt me.

but when i head to sun,
when i seek out the bright side of the me that
wants to live in these bones without that grueling

well, she misses the dark & the eyes
that want to see the bits of me that
are black.

am i shadow or shine? & why do i feel so drained
by both the black &

i twist & wreck them both. where's that bliss i'm always
i think that's what i want. maybe i should just
take it & run.

Monday, May 4, 2015


the time freeze that keeps me
glued to your words.
two sun spins &
still i'm

those whirls where hanging
sounds free &
like it would match.

i could just
let my lungs swim
in the air you stole.

maybe the tasteless can still be
or at least the after wouldn't
give my mouth something it can't shake.

i want my steps to be mine
not ones trying to put days & minutes between
or my words not to be dripping with

i move & you shadow
counting down months until my home is yours
& i won't be able to look back.
those papers don't make you farther
& those bars don't keep you from slipping into my days.

did i run or win?
or will you always stand straighter
because you entered & poisoned
the bits of me i have left.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

that glow

the sparks where the remember happens.
i like those final ticks where they're bright
and i remember.

though the beams crumbled &
windows shattered,
my me is iron with the 2014 count

i'm brimmed with those that
like my shine, even when it's
mottled in crazy.

& i'm chasing path that means
healing & right....even if that means
empty bank accounts.

& i have found my place. &
grown roots that that run
deep & won't be threatened by the
wind whispers or smoke.

here's to a shine & the ram & a new 3 hundred & sixty-5.